Segunda Quimbamba

Brandon Correa

Bradon Correa was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. From the early age of 7 Brandon showed interest in music. Thanks to his parents, relatives and great-grandparents Luis Correa and Gloria Correa, he has been on his way and developed his talent in folk music.

In his development and learning with the guitar, his teacher Don Julio Madera, who is a blind, taught him his first lessons. “Always look at the fingers of the chords,” his teacher told him while David Pérez taught him the names of the chords. These two teachers who strengthened his learning capacity have been very important in his life, as have his deceased relatives and godparents, Jose & Minerva Bolorin, who always supported him in life.


Brandon has shared his many gifts and has presented and participated in events such as The National Constitution Center, American Dream Mall, Jersey City Puerto Rican Parade, Jersey City Groove on Grove.


On June 28, 2022, Brandon Correa graduated from William L. Dickinson High School in Jersey City. His talent and passion for folk music has made him an ambassador of Puerto Rican culture and music!