Segunda Quimbamba

Christian Beltran

Hails from Jersey City NJ. He is a percussionist who started taking classes with Robyn Love (Master Percussionist, Choreographer, and Dancer). He began his studies at John Colon Music School in Spanish Harlem NY, In 1984. In addition, he took music classes in theory at Kean College from 1991 to 1997. During his years at Kean University, he participated in the Jazz Band, Performance ensemble, and small marching band.
In October 1998, he began taking percussion classes with Wilson Chembo Corniel (Master Percussionist). Focused on the rhythms of Puerto Rico as well as Cuba. Christian Beltran was a past member of Cuerdaluna where he performed various styles of Music: Spanish Pop, Love songs, Salsa, and Colombian Music.
He was a student for many years at Segunda Quimbamba Folkloric Center, where he learned the music from the Puerto Rican African Diaspora. He is currently a member of Segunda Quimbamba.
In addition, he is a certified Social worker since 1997 and has worked with children and families in different settings. He is currently working as a Medical Social Worker in an Adult Day Care Center. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Social work from Kean College.