Segunda Quimbamba

Elena Vizcarrondo

Elena is a first-generation Puerto Rican, born in New York City. In her younger years, she also

periodically resided and studied in Santurce, Puerto Rico. She is currently a Jersey City

Elementary School Teacher. Her journey in traditional cultural dance began in college where she took West African and Caribbean dance classes and joined the performance dance group. She had the opportunity to travel with the group to Nigeria. Traveling to the motherland and participating in the 2nd World Black and African Festival of Arts and culture, FESTAC ’77 intensified her passion. During her time in college, she was introduced to Bomba and joined another group, coincidentally named Quimbamba. In 2006, while living in Jersey City she participated in Segunda Quimbamba’s first Bomba dance and drum classes and her love for the dance and music was reignited. 

Since then, she has been a member of Segunda Quimbamba and has developed and grown in her skills as a dancer, singer and minor percussionist. Throughout the years she has performed with the group locally, throughout the tri state area, and even internationally. She has performed on big stages such as Bomplenazo in New York, Festival de Pardinas in Galicia Spain, 2019 Soberao Festival and Encuentro de Tambores in Puerto Rico and a wedding in Barbados. In her school she has shared her love for Bomba and Plena with her students through her participation in the Bomba and Plena dance program for schools offered by Segunda Quimbamba. Elena’s innate love of dance, music and culture is evident every time she performs with Segunda Quimbamba!