Segunda Quimbamba

Hamlet Martinez

Originating from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Hamlet migrated to the Bronx in the late 1990s and graduated from Bronx Community College with an Associate degree in Applied Science. His journey into becoming a culture bearer began in 2014 with Segunda Quimbamba. With little knowledge of Aguinaldos back in his home country, Hamlet became attracted to holiday Parrandas led by the group. Finding the connection in these Puerto Rican traditions to his own roots and homeland, Hamlet became a more invested student of Segunda Quimbamba and expanded his learning into Bomba. 

Through his learnings, he has been able to fully embrace his African roots, finding a piece of freedom in each dance move expressed in harmony with the singer, chorus, Buleo and Subidor.

Currently, Hamlet serves as part of 2Q’s regular cohort of members who fulfill residencies in different schools in NJ and PA, exposing children to Puerto Rican traditions and preserving this beautiful culture. He has also performed in Puerto Rico at the 2019 Libre Soberao Festival and as part of the Diaspora’s Delegation at the 2019, 2022 and 2023 Encuentro de Tambores.

Outside of his cultural work, Hamlet is a realtor primarily serving the Hudson County and North New Jersey regions and lives in Jersey City, NJ with his partner Viannca, with whom he launched the podcast and platform, Cultura Lovers.