Segunda Quimbamba

Kiera Colon

  Born and raised in Perth Amboy, NJ, Kiera is a third generation Puerto Rican who proudly keeps alive the cultural traditions and music of her ancestors. Kiera loves percussion, singing and dancing, which makes her feel right at home performing “Bomba y Plena” with her Segunda Quimbamba family.
At age 7, Kiera was embraced as a dance student in Maestra Nanette Hernandez’s Plena and Bomba dance classes. As she danced Kiera was mesmerized by Mr. Juan’s (Maestro Juan Cartagena) drumming and percussion and before long a barril was her birthday wish and soon thereafter a buleadora was born.
Kiera was bitten by the performance bug as a 6-year-old when she got the lead role in a community theater production of “Annie”. Through the years she has performed in numerous productions in school and in community theater. She has been a member of her church choir for 9 years where she has honed her vocal skills. She is studying bass guitar and has been given opportunities to use these skills in her church musical group.
Kiera is a sophomore honors student at her magnet high school. She is focused on entering college as a nursing student where she will pursue a career in the medical Field.
Kiera is extremely grateful to Segunda Quimbamba for not just the masterful music and dance lessons she has received but also, for the lessons of compassion, strength, dignity and perseverance.