Segunda Quimbamba

Luis Díaz

Aka “Armstrong” back in the day was formed on Montgomery and Jersey Avenue when high rise buildings on the river was just a thought. The river near Colgate was frequented by percussionists from all over the town, particularly the “Old Downtown area “! The sweet smell of soap from Colgate would combine with our sweet sounds of the drums into the night sky! We were fearless, we were tight. We fought to keep this tradition alive! We celebrated, shared with each other, we were family.
Fast forward! The journey continues to today. Several rock and Latin bands then “Boom“ met LP the next chapter entitled Bomba/Plena started to be written. With the welcoming arms of 2Q, this chapter is full of insights into the depth and breadth of a tradition that must be preserved! Its “food” nourishes the body, spirit and soul. Luis attended workshops with Lp 21, Bombazos in Hostos Community College in Bronx, traveled to Spain and Puerto Rico with 2Q. Still the journey continues thanks to Juan, Nanette, MaryAnn, family and friends!