Segunda Quimbamba

Saiya A. Forty

Born in Manhattan, and raised in Bayonne, NJ, Saiya Forty has always been passionately in touch with her artistic expression. From dancing, to percussion, to creating art, Saiya embodies her spiritual connection to nature and all of her cultural pursuits. With her multi-diverse cultural background, Indian, Italian, and Puerto Rican, she is dedicated to the preservation of their traditional values.  Saiya is trained in hip hop, ballet, modern, Bomba, and Plena. She has been dancing hip hop and ballet at local studios since she could remember. She also attended Bayonne High School Academy of Fine and Performing Arts where she majored in dance, studying modern and ballet. 

She choreographed her first modern dance piece her senior year.

Saiya started taking dance classes with Segunda Quimbamba at the age of 8 and started taking drum classes at the age of 10. She has been a member of the organization since the age of 14 and is a principal Bomba and Plena dance instructor and choreographer in Jersey City at the Segunda Quimbamba Folkloric Center inc. Saiya has danced Bomba on stages in New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, and Barbados. Currently, Ms. Forty is working as admin support and assists with the SQFC archival project.