Segunda Quimbamba

Tania Fermin

Tania Fermin was born in Chicago Illinois to Puerto Rican parents Lucy and Angel Rodriguez.  At the age of 5 her mother enrolled her in dance school where she learned jazz, ballet, tap, and modern dance.  There is where she learned lots of different movements, balance, and the love for music, dance, and performing.  She performed yearly with her dance school and continued to perform all throughout her high school and college years.


It wasn’t until she went to see Segunda Quimbamba perform that she even heard about Bomba. She began to take lessons with the group and learned the proper movements, percussion, and the history of Bomba and Plena music. Since joining this ensemble, she has been able to work on choreography for the group and also work with her students at the school she currently works at as a 1st grade teacher.

She has been able to travel to Spain with Segunda Quimbamba to showcase Bomba and Plena Folkloric music and dance as well as travel to different states and work with the community on this particular genre of music and dance and history of Puerto Rico.  She continues to remain a part of Segunda Quimbamba and looks forward to many more years of music and dance with them.