Segunda Quimbamba

Vivianna "Vivi" León

Is the youngest member (14) of the Segunda Quimbamba ensemble. Her goal is to continue to learn and grow in the Bomba community here in the Diaspora & on La Isla, so she can be pivotal in securing Segunda Quimbamba’s Legacy.
Some of her most memorable achievements, of course, are becoming a 2Q member. Being the 2023 Puerto Rican Day Parade Queen in Jersey City. Painting the largest Puerto Rican Flag Mural in Jersey City. Extra cast dancer in a small cameo appearance in Lin Manuel’s movie in the Heights. She also highlights the incredible experience of being able to dance to over 100 bomba drums in Puerto Rico Encuentro de Tambores.
When Vivi is not at rehearsal she is writing Poetry (she has read at the World famous Nuyorican Poets Cafe), painting murals, advocating activism for Justice, and playing on her school champion soccer team or at Cheer practice.